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TV/Film CV


Writing, researching, interviewing, and producing for television documentaries, radio, books, and entertainment projects.

Marsh began her career at ABC News "Closeup," where she researched, triple fact-checked, and field-produced dozens of award-winning films on subjects ranging from Trappist monasteries to mercenaries (full list
below * includes investigations of prison riots, chemical warfare, and contaminated drinking water). After five years at ABC, Marsh accepted a journalism fellowship to study in London. There, she wrote freelance articles (mostly on culture for The Economist, The New York Times, and The International Herald Tribune).

Upon her return, Marsh began her freelance career. Here are a few of the things she has done, in no particular order:

ABC/Dreamworks/Renegade 83 - PRODUCER for ABC show, "Miracle Workers."

Krainin Productions - PRODUCER for documentary about the Bulger Brothers.

nVision/United Nations — WRITER of 15 short films which commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of The United Nations.

Broadway Video/Cader Books — WRITER/INTERVIEWER for
Saturday Night Live’s 20th Anniversary. Interviews with Chris Rock, Steve Martin, Candice Bergen, Chevy Chase and others.

Broadway Video/Cader Books — WRITER/INTERVIEWER for Dave’s World,a book about David Letterman and his CBS show.

Haimes Film Inc. - CORRESPONDENT/CO-PRODUCER for a profile of entrepreneur Louis Marx, as told by his friends - Steve Ross, O.J. Simpson, Senator Edward Kennedy, Wayne Rogers, and others.

Haimes Film Inc. - FIELD PRODUCER for "American Gambit," a film about the 1988 Six Board Clock Simul, in which World Chess Champion Gary Kasparov challenged a team of America's top-rated junior players.

PBS/KQED (Jack Hilton Inc./Krainin Productions) – FIELD PRODUCER/WRITER for a PBS special, "The Power of Excellence," with host Tom Peters. Profiles of
The Limited, Federal Express, Worthington Industries, University National Bank and the Louisville Redbirds.

Turner Broadcasting/ITEL - WRITER/CONSULTANT for a 5-part series on UFOs.

CEL Communications - WRITER/CONSULTANT for a "True Crime"developed by Time-Warner.

PBS/WETA - WRITER/CONSULTANT for a 5-part series adapted from Diane Ackerman's book, A Natural History of the Senses.

PBS/WETA - WRITER/CONSULTANT for a 6-part series adapted from Nicholas Lemann's book, The Promised Land.

PBS/”Frontline” (Obenhaus Films) - FIELD PRODUCER for "Operation Urgent Fury," a documentary on the United States intervention in Grenada with correspondent Seymour Hersh.

Merrill-Lynch (Winton-Dupont Films) — WRITER for “Future Vision,” a dramatic film set in the future, where technology transforms the workplace.

Home Box Office - RESEARCHER for "Fourteen Days in May," a joint BBC-HBO production on capital punishment and the case of Edward Earl Johnson. After Johnson's execution, HBO sent Marsh to Mississippi to investigate claims that he was innocent.

New York University - WRITER for Walter Cronkite's narration,"American Business Ethics."

Deloitte & Touche — WRITER for the “Advancement of Woman” Video, a documentary chronicling Deloitte & Touche’s innovative programs for women in the workplace.

Hill & Knowlton — MEDIA CONSULTANT in New York for corporate clients.

American Express (Praxis Media) — PRODUCER for films shown at various Senior Management meetings.

The MacNeil-Lehrer Newshour - REPORTER for a 4-part series on doctors, examining physicians' unions; trends among young doctors; a profile of a family with three generations of doctors; malpractice; and a roundtable discussion with Lewis Thomas, Paul Starr, and Perri Klass.

MTV Networks - WRITER for Nickelodeon's "Double-Dare."

Education: Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts; BA, cum laude. Double Major: Political Science and English.

* * *

*ABC News “Closeup” Film Credits and Awards

"Water: A Clear and Present Danger" - a report on toxic chemicals in America's drinking water...Responsible for Washington reporting and field produced segment in Kentucky.
Teddy Award, National Outdoors Association.
Environmental Health Award, John Muir Medical Film Festival.
Honorable Mention, National Council on Family Relations.

"Swords, Plowshares and Politics", a film about the United Nations. Field produced a segment in Honduras about El Salvadoran and Miskito refugees.
Reported developments in the Security Council and General Assembly.

"The Oil Game," an exposé of the petroleum industry's illegal recertification of oil for profit...Unraveled elaborate daisy chain schemes with reporter, John Fielding.
Citation at Alfred I. Dupont/Columbia Awards.

"Rain of Terror," an investigation into the alleged use of chemical warfare in Southeast Asia and other parts of the world...Interviewed Hmong refugees in Des Moines, Minneapolis and California.
Cine Golden Eagle.
Clarion Award, Honorable Mention.

"Soldiers of the Twilight", a film about mercenaries. Interviewed French mercenary, Bob Denard and field produced a segment in Haiti, a country targeted for takeover by mercenaries.
Emmy Award for outstanding coverage of a single issue.

"Japan: Myths Behind the Miracle" a contemporary portrait.
Overseas Press Club Citation of Excellence.

"The Shattered Badge" a documentary about police stress.
Clarion Award from Women in Communications.

"The Shooting of Big Man: Anatomy of a Criminal Case", one of the first films to take the viewer inside the court room.
Gavel Award, American Bar Association.
Monitor Award for Best Editing.